Fire retardant sectional door

Sectional door with fire retardant capability

Sectional door with panels and side guides protection with fire-resistant characteristics EI60 – EI120 – EI180; the structure and the lifting are similar to the conventional sectional doors; the mechanism is hydraulically operated, by means of a special cylinder powered by the relative power unit.

Fire retardant sectional door installation 

Key Features

Optimised fire retardant characteristics for each individual request

Panels with painted metal sheets and internal core in fiberglass covered with special resins

Structure hold up to 1200°C and the sublimation with low toxic gases releasing

Vertical opening with optimised panels sliding along the building structure

Minimal side dimensions, thanks to the positioning of the door with the door open

Reliable and precise operation thanks to the hydraulic control already in use on standard sectional doors

Operation can be set manually or automatically

Simple and economical maintenance also thanks to the mechanism without balancing springs