Fire Rated Door

Horizontal Sliding Fire Door

Homologated horizontal sliding fire rated door, complying with the standard UNI 9723. Equipped with automatic closing system by counterweight, with thermo-fuse. The door is set to close from any position at 70°C (158°F): in case of fire. Various options available: electromagnet, end-of-stroke shock absorber, closing regulator, smoke detector.

Fire Rated Sliding Door 

Key features

Fire resistance with REI120 - EI2120 - EI2180 approval.

Automatic counterweight closing system, activated by thermal fuse

Door made with continuous panels of galvanized and pre-painted steel sheet

High density insulation material, total thickness 90 mm

Upper guide of galvanised steel sheet 5 mm thick

Support trolleys with wheels mounted on ball bearings

Vertical smoke maze and upper smoke labyrinth

Lower thermo-expanding gasket