The importance of Washability and Water resistance


Key topics on the industrial automatic door of the third millennium

Several events that have occurred in recent times, such as climate change, pollution caused by industrial activities in the proximity of residential areas, the spread of previously unknown viruses, as well as a growing interest in issues such as sustainability and people’s safety, should make us think about improving our expertise when applying existing solutions and encouraging innovation.

Disinfection in factory building 

The need for industrial sanitation

The cleaning and sanitation of facilities and surfaces are essential to ensure the quality and safety of food and drug production, storage and supply.

Worker in Pharmaceutical Industry 

Focus on materials and design to prevent corrosion

In the range of BRSystem special doors the frame and mechanical components are made of stainless steel. These surfaces are perfectly flat and free of receptacles where dirt can settle, moreover, they are resistant to washing even with surfactant and acid detergents, preventing corrosion.

Steel Flex door installed in a pharmaceutical industry 

Steel Flex CB installed in a pharmaceutical industry 

Alu Flex installation in food industry 

Electronic Components and PVC Fabric

The electronic components are installed inside cases with a high protection degree against water and dust.

The surface coating of the PVC sheets makes them perfectly washable and resistant. Special fabric with food compatibility, certified (FDA – US); special anti-static curtain are available, to prevent the superficial deposit of dust.

Alu Flex installed in supermarket 

Steel Flex door with interlock control 

Steel Flex door with stainless steel AISI316 frame