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News May 2021


Starting from orders incoming on June 1st 2021, we will apply the following updating to the price list of Alu flex and Alu edge doors:


  • The version of the uprights without springs will no longer be available, all doors will therefore feature the new extruded aluminium already in use since March, which allows, among other things, the insertion of the light grid in the frame.

Alu Flex and Alu Edge frame with new Upright and photocell light grid inserted 

  • In order to allow a correct fixing of the uprights to the heads of the crosspiece, special shaped spacers will be provided, these parts are suitable in case of narrow curtain at the limit of the construction clearance (see drawing).

Mounting of the spacers on the crosspiece 

  • The L-shaped fixing brackets (the new reinforced type), will already be on the standard equipment. Only the eventual “I-Fix” or “Z-Fix” brackets will be to order for installation of the posts. “L-FIX” will still be necessary to fit the back in aluminium.
  • In case of EASY automations, two types of safety devices will be available:
    1. Photocells + Curtain sensor (size ≤12 m²)
    2. Photocell barrier (full range)
  • All the orders will be shipped from the new factory in Villanova d’Asti via della Freisa nr.1, the same as it was for Steel flex or Fold doors.

Over the last few months and particularly the last weeks, prices of the raw materials have risen dramatically and it is very likely that the situation will not improve in the near future.


BRSystem is absorbing these cost increases, also thanks to a “courageous” purchasing policy, nevertheless we cannot exclude possible increases in our price list if the market trend leaves us with no other choice; therefore we kindly invite to present the offers with a validity term of 30 days.