New Features

New Upright Protection B-PROTECT®


The Protection Column suitable for High Speed Doors and Industrial Entrances

Our products range is enriched with an interesting line of accessories:


B-PROTECT® Protection Column complementary to the sale and installation not only of High Speed Doors, but also of Industrial Entrances in general.

Strong protection 

Dimensions Range

The product is available in four different sizes: from the smallest one, the B-365 which features an height of 365mm, to the tallest one which measures 1115mm.


The entire dimensions range is shown in the technical drawings below.



Easy Installation

For the installation of the B-PROTECT bollard, a 35mm preparation hole and fastening with epoxy glue are provided. Depending on the different product size, a custom P-depth (as shown in the picture below) is recommended to benefit from the best product performance.


Purchase Informations

You can purchase products from the B-Protect line together with the High Speed Doors, but also separately like any other accessory.

During the coming months we will improve the B-Protect range with other interesting solutions!