New installation Alu Flex in Logistic Center in Slovenia


33 Alu Flex high-speed doors installed

New important installation of self-repairing high-speed doors model Alu Flex has been installed in one of the largest logistics center in Slovenia. In this plant of the food-retailing sector, Alu Flex high-speed doors set up the numerous gates of the refrigerated warehouses (33 in total), to achieve consistent energy savings and high duty cycle.

Motion speed and other features

The motion speed of the Alu Flex high-speed doors allows the controlled temperature to be maintained at 5°C, despite the extremely high manoeuvring frequency towards the outside.
The standard fabric in synthetic fabric coated by PVC with a weight of 1100 g/m², which slides on polizene guides, guarantees a thermal transmittance of 5.5 W / m²K, with excellent insulation for the passage of air and dust.
The control is operated by microwave detectors (radar), that drive the opening of each high-speed Alu Flex door, these devices discriminate the passage of pedestrians and therefore avoid unwanted manoeuvers.
Compliance with European standards EN12453-1, which regulates the construction of industrial doors, is obtained by means of safety devices: light grid of infrared photocells with progressive blanking.

Alu Flex doors 

Alu Flex door 

All loading bays are located towards the external side, therefore a particularly high wind resistance is required. The standard value of Alu Flex doors is the most suitable for this application: the certified wind resistance with dimensions up to 3000×H3000 is in class 3 (700 PA, 120km/h), with dimensions 5000×H5000 the wind resistance is certified in class 2 (450 PA, 90km / h).
Hundreds of fast and safe openings with Alu Flex high-speed doors, thanks to the inverter automations that manage opening and closing speeds, to meet “extreme” needs with controlled acceleration ramps, to reduce wear and allow reliability up to 1,000,000 of manoeuvers.