New extra-large Fold doors installation


Four folding rapid doors model Fold have been installed in a Special Container production line in order to protect heavy carpentry work, in Bari area (Italy).

Installation of a Fold door in a production line 

Installation of a Fold door in a production line 

Specific solutions for extra-large Industrial Facilities

This specialized Company processes the structures of special very large containers, used in oil extraction and on marine platforms.

The containers are placed on special trolley, to move inside impressive sandblasting and painting booths.
The rapid doors, essential to retain the toxic substances and avoiding the dispersion of dust, are 9 meters wide by 7 meters high. These are folding doors with curtain reinforced by steel bars useful to reach the adequate wind-load resistance and work in the air depressions present in the processing tunnels.

Extra-large Fold door installation 

Main Technical Features

The high-speed folding doors Fold have interesting technical characteristics, customisable in order to meet specific needs:


  • Maximum passage dimensions up to 20 m wide and 10 m high.
  • Excellent wind resistance, sized to meet the specific customer request.
  • They are highly reliable, even when operating in aggressive environments.
  • The high motion speed (up to 1 m/s) guarantees reduced processing and handling times.
  • The automations are optimised for each individual dimensioning and available with lateral or front positioning.
  • Maintenance is easy and inexpensive.

(The installation was handled by Aprico Automatic System Bari)