New Features

New colour ranges and windows introduced


New curtains colour range

The fabrics of all the brsystem high-speed doors have an extended range of colours, both for standard and insulated curtains. The standard curtain used for self-repairing and roll-up rapid doors in general with 1100g/m² and the standard one for folding doors 900 g/m² are now available in 15 different RAL-like colours:


All colours maintain the finishing with semi-opaque surface coating, which gives stability even with continuous exposure to the sun and does not highlight any imperfections that could occur over time.
To the 15 standard colours is added the translucent fabric, already present in our catalogue, this solution is very useful when a good illumination with natural outdoor light is needed, without the transparency of normal windows. The translucent curtain can be used for both self-repairing and roll-up doors in general and for fold-up doors.
The technical characteristics of great mechanical resistance, flexibility in all environmental conditions, even in the presence of very low operating temperatures, remain confirmed.
Extension of the colour range also for insulated fabrics, with a thickness of 5.5 mm with a weight of 1.5 kg/m², which will now be available in seven standard colours:


The insulated curtains are widely used where it is necessary to obtain important thermal or acoustic insulation through the rapid doors.

The characteristic thermal transmittance of the insulated curtains is 3.9 W/m²K, while that normally obtained from standard fabrics is 5.5 W / m²K.

The acoustic reduction of the insulated sheets is 17.5 dB and therefore their use is highly appreciated for the acoustic insulation of particularly noisy plants and processing departments, moreover the rapid doors with insulated sheets are often used for the entrances of productive settlements or technological systems located near residential areas.

The new Pan Vision window option

The new Pan Vision windows are available for all the self-repairing, roll-up high speed doors, to increase visibility and brightness.
The new windows are 500 mm high (like the High Vision sectors), but the horizontal distance between the windows is reduced to a minimum, in this position the compensating reinforcements are welded, to guarantee the correct winding of the curtain.

Is possible to insert various rows of Pan Vision windows on Alu Flex, Alu Edge and Steel Flex rapid doors, in order to obtain large illuminating surfaces, always guaranteeing excellent mechanical resistance performance.