New Features

New Alu flex – Alu edge upright


An increased components protection

The structure of the Alu flex and Alu edge doors will be made using the new upright in extruded aluminium, this new solution will introduce a series of technical optimisations.


The insertion of photocell barriers inside the shape, thus improving the protection of the devices inside the special seats inside the shape of the extrusion. In addition to avoiding damage in the event of a collision, the new solution will improve general aesthetics.




Easy installation

Increase in the overall area of the horizontal section and greater compactness of the profile to increase the stability of the installation.


The seat of the springs and fixing screws for the guides are positioned in the appropriate compartment, inside the profile.


The new uprights anchoring are the special brackets already in use, to be fixed on the side slots, thus confirming the great easy-fitting, already recognised in the Alu Flex and Alu Edge models.


New door dimensions

The width of the new uprights is 90 mm (including the polyzene sliding guides) therefore the total width of the uprights will be L free-passage + 180 mm, to be calculated both for Alu Flex doors with springs and for all Alu Edge.


Alu Flex doors without spring damping system will maintain the previous 70 mm wide uprights.