Full Sealing Requirements in Industrial Plants


Key topics on the industrial automatic door of the third millennium

Several events that have occurred in recent times, such as climate change, pollution caused by industrial activities in the proximity of residential areas, the spread of previously unknown viruses, as well as a growing interest in issues such as sustainability and people’s safety, should make us think about improving our expertise when applying existing solutions and encouraging innovation.


Increasing attention to air pollution 

Industrial processes can be a source of air pollution and a risk to workers. The increased sensitivity to these issues has thankfully improved environmental conditions in workplaces as well as air and noise pollution towards the outside.


Improving plants air conditions thanks to Brsystem Doors

Brsystem Rapid Doors are the right choice to isolate plants that emit toxic substances and produce high temperatures, humidity and noise. Their installation allows the improvement of the working environment, thus improving the working conditions and consequently also the overall performance.

Alu Flex door controlled by Central Control System 

Alu Edge installation in Waste Recovery Plant 

The need for quick opening systems in operational areas

Operation machines and automatic handling systems are often a source of danger for workers. The need to access operational areas must be guaranteed by doors that open quickly, are connected to the control systems and guarantee a very high duty cycles: Brsystem Alu Flex and Alu Edge offer all these characteristics combined with very small overall dimensions to be fitted inside the plants.

Alu Flex door installed in an Automatic Soldering Plant 

Alu Flex door installed in an Automatic Soldering Plant 

Alu Flex Installation