Eco-sustainable car wash systems with Alu flex


Increased efficiency and sound insulation

The car wash systems became safe, efficient and without environmental impact; this achieving thanks to the installation of Alu flex High Speed Doors. The installation of rapid doors solves a number of problems and simplifies the safe and eco-sustainable use of car wash tunnels.

The noise of the plants can be problematic, especially near at residential settlements. Alu flex ensures efficient acoustic insulation, which can be even more efficient by using the insulated sheet, through which it is possible to break down up to 17.5 dB.

Alu flex at the tunnel entrance 

Automatic self-service car wash 

Safety in manoeuvring areas and vapour sealing

The washing system is potentially dangerous; therefore, its segregation guarantees protection by preventing the public from entering the manoeuvring areas.

The closure of the washing tunnels improves the drying performance, avoiding energy dispersions and prevents the out coming of vapours and humidity, reducing the environmental impact to zero, all thanks to the perfect sealing of the side zippers of the roll-up and self-repairing Alu flex curtain.

Manoeuvre area protection 

The refined design of the Rapid Door Alu flex 

Aluminium frame inside the entrance free passage 

Refined design

The refined design is perfectly suited to the most modern washing systems, thanks to its small size. The aluminium frame is easy to insert, without reducing the useful passage space, the casing fairings perfectly protect the sheet and the automation.

Hundreds of manoeuvres per day to achieve a continuous flow of vehicles, with maximum reliability, the inverter control panel regulates speed and acceleration ramps, to eliminate stress and wear of mechanical parts.

Coverings in stainless steel or painted with epoxy powders 

The electric devices are perfectly protected 

Frame with reduced overall dimensions 

Full automation enabled by control accessories

The self-repairing rapid door Alu flex has by integral safety protection, through the light grid by sequential photocells, inserted in the profiles of the vertical uprights. The system is perfectly compliant with European directives EN13241.

To control the automation, specific control accessories are available, such as volumetric radars, magnetic loops and infrared detectors, so the access and exit of the vehicles is fully automatic.


The doors shown in the NEWS are installed by Nova System Srl.

Curtain colours and digital printing on demand 

High Speed Door Alu flex with automatic opening at the vehicle approaching 

Safety light grid built-in the uprights