Climate Phenomena


Key topics on the industrial automatic door of the third millennium

Several events that have occurred in recent times, such as climate change, pollution caused by industrial activities in the proximity of residential areas, the spread of previously unknown viruses, as well as a growing interest in issues such as sustainability and people’s safety, should make us think about improving our expertise when applying existing solutions and encouraging innovation.

Resistance to climate change

Climate change is manifesting also through frequent natural catastrophes of exceptional force, which are among others also leading to faults and damages of industrial doors. Properly dimensioned solutions are required to ensure optimal levels of robustness and reliability.


Self-repairing installations

The series of Brsystem doors for outdoor installation offers a complete range of solutions with self-repairing high speed doors as well as single or double curtain.


Thanks to the standard or reinforced sliding tracks, the sturdiness of the side zips and the weighting of the fabric, all self-repairing BRSystem models guarantee high static resistance and excellent operation, even with high wind loads.



Fold and Mega Fold

The structures and reinforcement bars of the Brsystem Fold wrapping doors are designed for every possible need. We calculate the load according to the size of the compartments and the expected exposure. The evolution of the series is Mega Fold: a door with special frames and double curtain reinforced with central trellis; almost unlimited dimensions can be reached and the modular engine units are designed for each load.