Brsystem turns 5 years old!


Looking back to our start

Brsystem is turning 5 years old from the start of its activity in the Legnano headquarter, for the production of Innovative High Speed Doors.


During these five years not only our business has grown, but also our expertise, our relationships and the attention towards our Partners.

We have worked to improve and consolidate our Italian market, building a commercial network that is now covering the whole National territory.

At the moment we are developing commercial projects addressed to the international markets where we aim to increase our presence, also because these challenges stimulate the research for innovative solutions and the improvement of our services.


We have widen our Catalogue: High Speed Doors remain our core, but we have added new products line as Ramps, Loading Bays, Fire Rated Doors and Mobile Warehouse; a response to our customers requests, for industrial, commercial and logistics plants.

Thank you!

We would like to thank all our Clients, who we prefer to consider real Partners for their precious collaboration.


Thank you for your valuable contribution to the objectives we have achieved until now and for the trust you will place in us for our future projects!