Brsystem and Energy Efficiency


Key topics on the industrial automatic door of the third millennium

Several events that have occurred in recent times, such as climate change, pollution caused by industrial activities in the proximity of residential areas, the spread of previously unknown viruses, as well as a growing interest in issues such as sustainability and people’s safety, should make us think about improving our expertise when applying existing solutions and encouraging innovation.


The importance of Energy Conservation

The energy needed for heating and air conditioning in industrial and commercial buildings is generated mainly from fossil fuels. Improving the thermal insulation of doors, increasing their speed and operational reliability is essential to achieve an optimal performance of the installed system, increase efficiency and consequently reduce CO2 emissions.

Thermic insulation system in industrial plant 

Energy optimisation via control accessories

BRSystem utilizes insulating curtains with low thermal conductivity, wrap-around frames that reduce the penetration of air when the door is closed, automation with operating speeds of up to 3 m/s and a wide range of control devices to optimize the opening only when it is necessary. The inverter drives reduce mechanical wearing and guarantee very high duty cycles and reliability.

Wireless accessories 

Alu Flex installation 

Spiral ISO 80 installation